Closed for Christmas

We are back Jan 18

Upcoming exhibition: Pernille Snedker

Format is an artspace in Nansensgade dedicated to paperworks, editions, multiples and sculptures.

The idea is to present works of high artistic value at affordable prices.

The main principle behind Format, is that anyone can become a collector, without being one of a selected, wealthy few.

Format mainly collaborates with younger, danish artists, who have made an impression on the danish- and international art scene. Most of our artists work with paper, prints or multiples as part of their practice.

Our exhibitions change every 6 weeks, and we also do events and pop-up-exhibitions of shorter duration.

Format presents original drawings, watercolors, papercuts or exclusive, limited editions within a pricerange that allows everyone to participate.

Over time, we have also included sculptures as part of the gallery profile i.e. ceramic works, multiples in bronze and smaller sculptures made from various materials.

We are always more than happy to discuss our pieces, print methods, artists and everything in between. So feel free to ask!

Artland visits Format

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