Carl Krull

Carl Krull (b. 1975) has studied at Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts i Polen and San Carlos Academy of Fine Arts in Mexico. His work has, among other places, been exhibited at ARoS, Charlottenborg Kunsthal og V1 gallery in Denmark as well as Tokyo and Chicago. Carl Krull is known for his seismografic method, where he with waves of shapes breaks through the 2 dimensionally paper. Carl Krull is known for his characteristic signature lines, forms where abstract people emerge. His work is now internationally renowned. But now the artist takes a different direction from his pencil strokes. Instead of brushstrokes adding paint, the image emerges from the fingers now removing the paint, as if the canvas had been a foggy mirror. A portrait materializes consisting of one unrestrained drawn line representing both longitudes and latitudes simultaneously. Circular orbits appear in the wet paint, and expose the surface of a face, like a distant planet scanned by an interstellar probe. A portrait emerges without specific characteristics and remains open and transparent.