Jesper Skov Madsen

Jesper Skov Madsen creates what you could call sculptural paintings - with oil sticks he builds the skeleton - the oil paint forms the body. Like a puzzle, he impulsively pieces the painting together, without a sketch he feels his way forward, with changing movements - from fast to slow. Without a fixed motif, he slowly lets the work take shape. In a mixture of neat precision and chance, the painting comes to life - through canvas, oil sticks and paint – in a counterplay and interplay between the texture and colors of the different materials. The process is a balance between the perfect and the imperfect; to surrender to the unpredictable and at the same time create direction and take control. It is a mixture of contemplation, meditation, curiosity and understanding the colors in relation to each other, and creating boundaries, division and fusion. Jesper Skov Madsen b.1982, lives and works in Copenhagen The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Master of Fine Arts 2014-2017